Friday, September 28, 2012

Savage Harbor aka Death Feud (1987)

One would think that if you put Chris Mitchum and Frank Stallone (yes, he's got two older brothers: Rocky and Rambo) one would get good action movies. Unfortunately that not the case with Save Harbor. Mitchum and Stallone plays sailors. Stallone's characters rescues woman who is running away from her pimp. They fall in love, but Stallone has to go out to sea for a work. Pimp forces the girl back to her old tricks and gets her hooked up on smack again. Stallone comes back from the sea 6 month later and the girl is nowhere to be found. Rest of the movie pretty much concentrates on Stallone trying to find his girl.

There are couple of good action scenes, especially the one where guy gets drag behind a pick-up truck. That shit look dangerous! Mitchum gives good performance as usual. Basic '80s action crap, just too little action and too much talk. Directed by Carl Monson.


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