Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stryker (1983)

Set in post apocalyptic world where water has became the most valuable asset. A woman knows the way to the one of the last water springs and group of road warrior thugs hunt her down. Woman is captured and tortured. Luckily our hero Stryker (Steve Sandor) frees her and they go back to the colony where the water supply is. Final battle between thugs and colony is about begin...

Trash maestro Cirio H. Santiago directed this Mad Max style  movie (call it rip off if you want) about a world where life is cheap, cars beat up and women half naked. So not bad at all. We also get some midgets and really bad soundtrack: some sort of electronic bleeps and peeps. Action is good as one has come to expect in Santiago movie. So for the fans of post apocalyptic stuff this movie is a must.


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