Sunday, February 6, 2011

Heroes For Hire (1984)

Miami 1980, doctor transplants some sort of metal object into a patient arm. Then tells him to go home and relax but the patient kills the doctor.

One year later. Professor Arlington (Mike Monty) is kidnapped by punch of thugs from his pool party and taken into a secret location. Only one of Arlington's bodyguards survives,McPearson (Bruce Baron), and he helps the cops to find the professor and locate the kidnappers with some heroes for hire...

Another John Lloyd low budget Filipino actioner. I think Lloyd was given some of lowest budgets among directors who directed these action movies in Philippines and yet he managed to make really entertaining movies like this one.

Really bad acting, especially the lesser known supporting actors, no budget explosions, scenes that really doesn't fit into the plot, machine gun mounted to a motorcycle and map tattooed on girl's ass. With ingredients like that you really can't go wrong. So this one was really good movie, best one that i seen from Lloyd.

One of the best sequences is when the police captain(?) is going through the CVs of these "Heroes for hire" and we get to see them in action in these flashback scenes. One of them is your regular Rambo, another one is cowboy (who goes into a bank in middle of robbery and executes the thugs with shotgun) and last but not least we get to see the Ninja dude in action.

All in all, low budget feel is strong in this one and i like it! Highly recommended.


Ty said...

Great review! This looks like a blast!

Kult Eye Bleeder said...

Thanks. Yeah, it is really entertaining movie. Double Edge is also good one from John Lloyd. Romano Kristoff starring in that one, so it can't be bad!

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