Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cut and Run (Inferno in diretta, 1985)

Reporter and her cameraman head into jungle to get the truth about military officer involved in the Jonestown massacre. They are also trying find the missing son of a TV producer. They get caught in the middle of violent drug wars and now they have fight for their survival. Welcome to inferno, baby!

I have say that i found this Deodato's film bit boring. Yes, it's violent as hell in that Deodato gut munching style, but all the violence seemed just little over the top and somewhat unnecessary. You can clearly see that Deodato tried to follow his own footsteps in the path he set with Cannibal Holocaust. All the scenes between these violent outbursts just seem...well, they a boring. There is also some actual footage from the Jonestown, the infamous interview with Jim Jones just couple of hours before the hell broke loose.

Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes) plays psycho who commands his own little army of natives as they steal drugs from the drug plants. He looks as cute as ever...

If you want to know what Deodato's was up to in mid '80s you might want to take a shot at this, otherwise don't bother.


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