Monday, February 20, 2012

Hellbenders, The (1967)

Confederate officer Jonas (Joseph Cotten) along with his sons rob a convoy carrying shit load of money. They brutally kill everyone in the convoy so there will be no witnesses. Jonas wants to use the money to revive "the south" again. They hid the money inside a coffin that they have in their wagon as they plan to travel back to their home territory. They also have "grieving widow" (Norma Bengell) along for the ride just in case they get stopped by the army or the law.

The film felt too "American" for me. Maybe it was the leading actors or something. I just couldn't get into that good ol' spaghetti mood when i was watching this film. Story was good and acting was fine, but there was something holding back for me about this film.

Directed by Sergio Corbucci. He did ok job, nothing really special to say about the direction. At this point the best one from him was yet to come, The Great Silence.


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