Monday, September 24, 2012

Commondo Mengele aka Angel Of Death (1987)

Infamous nazi doctor Josef Mengele (played by Howard Vernon) is hiding in some South American country. In which country ? Eather i was making snack when this was explained or it never was explained. Anyways. He is back to his old tricks, conducting human experiments. Group of nazi hunters get a hint about his whereabouts and they start planning a mission to bring Mengele to justice.

Directed by Andrea Bianchi, best knows for his etruscan Zombie mayhem "Burial ground". I have say that movie blew me away. This is some amazing package: special effects (hair clued on mans face and arms to make him look like a half ape/half man), acting (one of the nazi hunters is a karate experts and he demonstrates his skills every time he gets some screen time) and directing... I think that Bianchi dozed off while "directing" in half of the scenes and just kept the camera rolling. Dialog is also priceless. One of the guys, who are out to catch Mengele, is an acrobat and he gets his legs shot to pieces. "It's okay, it's okay, i can still do card tricks for a living". Talk about positive attitude!

Chris Mitchum is billed as the leading star, but once again his screen time is very limited. He plays an evil sidekick to Mengele, so something different this time. Jesus Franco provited the script and off they went. Be prepared for some mind bobbling '80s Euro-madness!


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