Monday, August 30, 2010

Robowar (1989)

"BAM?" "Big Ass Motherf**kers!"

Bruno Mattei puts Predator and Robocop into the splinder and out comes Robowar!

Story is pretty simple: Elite squad (BAM) is send to jungle to hunt down robot that has become loose cannon. Exploding huts and lots of guns fights.So we get everything that Filipino jungle movie should deliver. Basis of the story is lifted from the Predator and in the end we get the Robocop moment or should i say surprise.

Do the robot talk! Everytime i hear the robot "talk" it just cracks me up. Also the robo-vision it totally from the '80, bad pixalated computer graphics.  But hey! This movie totally rocks: Bad ass characters (most of them straight from the Predator), '80 hard rock and cheap special effect. One can't ask more from a good movie!

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I am thrilled you enjoyed it so much! john p. dulaney (Papa Doc)

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