Thursday, August 26, 2010

Strike Commando (1987)

"He is not an ordinary soldier, he's a one man war machine!" 

Bone-fide Bruno Mattei classic.

Sgt. Mike Ransom in operating behind the enemy lines and is left for dead by his commanding officer. Fighting his way back to safety, he learns that Russians are also in the area. He has to go back behind the enemy lines to get proof of the Russian. He is then captured  and tortured. But he escapes and learns that there is also traitor in his own ranks. In the end he takes out all the suckers. He takes out the traitor with grenade launcher, epic!

Good Ol' cold war setup here, USA versus Soviet Union (rip). I can't even remember how many films i watched in the '80 with this cold war set-up. Evil CCCP always got theirs asses blown off at the end. The fall of Soviet Union must have been huge blow for the action movie industry.

One of the classic moments come when a dying child ask Ransom to tell about America and Ransom, in tears, starts to tell about pop-corn that grows in trees and genie that grants all wishes...

Highly recommended actioner. Grap your M-60 and let it rip!


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