Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Double Crosser (1990)

What do you get when you combine great talents like Peter O' Brian and Arizal ? Awesomeness that just keeps on giving! Yeah, you guessed it. This is one hell of movie.

Our hero Jack has lost his wife and is now single parent with a young daughter (who's voice is dubbed by adult woman). Villain Foster wants Jack to fight with his good friend Leo in an illegal boxing match. Jack refuses and the thugs kidnap her daughter. Jack goes to see Foster to make a deal and all the hell breaks loose. Jack manages to escape with his daughter.

Next Jack meets a woman named Linda (Priscillia Patsy) by accident , thugs are after her and Jack rescues her. Of course Jack and Linda hook up immediately. We get this mellow middle part in the movie, interrupted once or twice by couple of goons trying to beat the shit out of Jack. They can't even go to an amusement park without being hassled: Jack has to throw one of the hoodlums out of the ferris wheel cart.

But as we all know life can't be just walk in the (amusement) park. Leo has switched sides, so he is working now with the bad guys. Linda and Jack's daughter are kidnapped again. Jack has to come to rescue once again. Ending includes crocodiles, lots of fighting and finally the fight between Jack and Leo. But what about Foster? Well, he gets his ass blown off in the final scene.
Lots of car chases and awesome car stunts. Most memorable one being the one where Jack drives his car through a truck's container.

There are also lots of over the top scenes in this one. A thug stabs Jack's daughters teddy-bear with a switchblade and rips the foams out of it and this poor little girl cries out "They killed my panda", you know... that's heartbreaking. Or when Jake and Linda goes to a cottage to mellow down and to get some peace and quiet and then suddenly out of nowhere Leo appears. Jack and Leo start kicking each others asses and of course Jack finally knocks Leo out. When Jack returns to Linda and he goes "Lets go and party!". What happened to mellowing down ?!?! 

I can't even recommend this enough. This one is a piece of action cinema history, that's for sure.


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