Monday, September 6, 2010

I Want to Get Even aka Lady Exterminator (1987)

Don't confuse this one with the other Indo-trash fest Lady Terminator (1988).

Our leading lady Rini is a good girl who is pregnant and working in a local nightclub as a ticket girl. Local thugs kidnap and gang-rape her. Her wife-beating husband don't take this too lightly, he throws her off a moving car and tells her to get lost. After that he proceeds to rape the criminal ring leader's sister as a revenge. Rini loses her child (pretty graphic scene). That pushes her over the edge and she becomes Lady Exterminator who's gonna make things right with her bazooka!

Ending is pretty damn epic, our leading lady blows up the last hoodlum with her bazooka and after that we get passages from the bible, end of "Revelations". I mean

Indo-weirdness at it's finest. Film starts with a scene from a drug den and that pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the film: grim, mean spirited and over the top. Lots of WTF moments, scenes that don't make any sense, some good action and bad dubbing. That is the way Indo-trash should be served.


Jack J said...

Great review! The film shouldn't be confused with another movie from Hong Kong also entitle "Lady Exterminator" (it's a sequel to Sexy Killer). I saw one bootlegger who made a dvd cover that used pictures from the poster for the HK movie but the film on the disk was the Indo film, haha.

Kult Eye Bleeder said...

Thanks. This movie really blew me away. Specially the weird relationship between the heroine and her some what violent husband. After Rini got beaten up by her husband: "I knew your condition when i married you" WTF ? Wife-beating syndrome ? Just classic stuff :)

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