Saturday, September 4, 2010

Devastator, The (1985)

Santiago mayhem continues! Now it's time to let the Devastator loose.

I had to check twice that i was watching the right film, because The Devastator starts with a  footage taken from the Final Mission that was released just before this one. Nothing wrong with that, re-cycling is in at least now days...

Our hero Deacon Porter (Rick Hill) is a Vietnam veteran. He gets a call from his army buddy's wife Elaine telling him that her husband has died in a car crash and she suspects that there was something fishy in the accident. Deacon goes to see her and runs into a trouble with local drug dealers (they are growing weed in the forest) and corrupted sheriff. Thugs burn down Elaine's house and kill her in the process and run Deacon's car of the road thinking that they have killed him too. But no! Deacon survives  and gathers his old army buddies to take revenge on the drug dealers. They go back to town and start causing mayhem.

Oh man, you just have to dig these Santiago movies. Lots of action also in this one: car chases, shootouts, exploding shit up. In the end we get some heroic bloodshed. Maybe John Woo is a big Santiago fan. You never know.

Next up Santiago's second take  on the post apocalyptic genre, Wheels Of Fire. First one was Stryker.


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