Friday, September 3, 2010

Final Mission (1984)

Film starts at Laos '72 where sergeant Vincent Deacon (Richard Young) is after a traitor Will Slater (John Dresden). Deacon's men manages to surround traitor and his men in a village. They blow the shit out of the village and capture Slater. He swears vengeance on Deacon.

Fast forward little over ten years. Deacon is the leader of SWAT team in LA. Local thugs break into his house but he manages to take out most of them. Deacon's captain is not happy about this and suspends him. Deacon goes on a camping trip with his wife and son. Everything seem to be happy and cozy. That is until his wife and son is killed by a bomb in their boat. Deacon finds out that bomb is planted by his arch-enemy Slater. He goes into a small town, where Slater's brother is the sheriff, to find Slater and all the hell breaks loose.

Cirio H. Santiago directed this Rambo rip-off. Don't get me wrong, this is a great movie. One of the best Rambo knock offs i have seen. Grim vengeance story with lots of action. Soundtrack is little different from the other Santiago movies i have been watching lately. Of course we get '80 hard rock (okay only one song, Steve Butler's "Always On My Mind") but also a melodramatic orchestrated score ( think of Ennio Morricone on a lazy day and you get the picture) and not the usual cheap electronic strumming.

Hats off to Santiago once again.


Ty said...

Great flick! Love the song. Also cool site, we will definitely start following you!

Here's our review of Final Mission:

Kult Eye Bleeder said...

Thanks! Yeah, Final Mission is great movie. One of Santiago's best in my opionion.

Lots of cool action movie reviews you got on your site.

Ty said...

Thanks for the kind words!

gama said...

I have been looking for this movie for a long time..the vietnam scene was actually shot in our place in Asin Hot Springs, Tuba, Benguet, Philippines..where can i possibly download a copy of it?

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