Thursday, September 2, 2010

Naked Fist aka Firecracker (1981)

Our heroine Susie Carter (Jillian Kesner)  has a 6 dan black belt in karate and she has come to Philippines to find her sister who has gone missing. After numerous fights and some investigation work she finds out that her sister is dead. Now its revenge time.

Yeah, you guessed it. Whole lotta ass kicking going on in this movie. We get shady drug dealers, arena of death -fighting matches and some crazy ass dialog. Most memorable scene comes when two thugs are after our heroine and she loses her clothes one by one. When she is in her underwear other thug removes her bra with small sickle while they are fighting. She keeps kicking some serious ass in her panties and teaches the thugs a lesson. How much more epic can it get? None! Well the love making scene where Susie's clothes are removed with a switchblade is pretty damn epic too!

Santiago was the maestro in making entertaining low budget movies and this one is good example of that. They don't make movies like this anymore, now do they.


Jack J said...

Got no idea who you are but love your blog!!

"Firecracker" is great! It's actually a remake of Santiago's own "TNT Jackson" and he even remade it again later as "Angelfist", LOL.

David A. Zuzelo said...

Outstanding blog...and this is the one in the line of remakes I have not seen. Thanks for reminding me!

giallo gloves said...

Thanks guys! I'm the webmaster of movie database site called "Movie review" ( ). I have been planning for ages to set up blog where i write about the more obscure/rare movies i have been watching lately (sort of watchlist). So here it is!

Jack, those two movies, TNT and Angelfist are on my watchlist, hopefully i have time this weekend to watch them. I just wanted to see Naked fist first so i'm watching these in "wrong" order :)

BTW Jack, been reading the thread in AV Maniacs about Filipino movies and your knowledge about these movies never cease to amaze me.

Jack J said...

Aaahh, you're too kind. Thank you. :D

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