Sunday, October 17, 2010

Barbarians, The (1987)

Deodato's sword and sorcery cheese fest.

Two young boys are captured by evil forces who are after a ruby that holds special powers. These two boys are put into a salt mine to work. Fast forward ten or so years and now these boys are all grown up. I mean they are big as a house now. Played by body building twins Peter and David Paul. Not Hans and Franz. If i have to make a wild guess these twins were not hired for their acting skills.

Twins manage to escape and they rejoin with their people who now lives in a forest. They learn that their queen Canary is being held as prisoner by evil ruler Kadar. Now their mission is to free Canary and of course save the world from the dark forces in the process.

Hell yeah, this one was some great entertainment. Mindless, cheesy, special effects that will blow your socks off. I mean that dragon, i just don't know to describe it... it was...stunning. As their side kick these boys have young woman named Kara. Played by Eva LaRue, who later became famous for her role in CSI Miami series. I looked at Eva's IMDB page and i couldn't find any photos from the Barbarian's set in her publicity photos. Now what's that all about Eva?

Director Ruggero Deodato (directed also the infamous Cannibal Holocaust) was given the biggest budget he had worked with by 1987, so the decors and shit are not so bad as one might think. But don't let that fool you, this one has a strong low budget feel to it.


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