Thursday, October 21, 2010

King Frat (1979)

Last weekend i had a flu and i wanted watch some really stupid shit to cheer me up. So i went with one of my all time favourite college cheese fests, King Frat. I can't even remember how many times i have watched this piece of fine art.

Plot? C'mon, fart contest and your usually collage movie stuff, fraternity that is full of fuck ups (the good guys) and fraternity full of jocks (the bad guys) and of course they hate each others guts.

I have to admin that this movie can still make me laugh of loud. Probably the best scene is when the principal enters the fuck ups fraternity house and shoots the blow up doll that just happens to be the main characters girlfriend.

T&a movies are pretty timeless (at least among males!) and good fun if you want totally turn off your brain.

Directed by Ken Wiederhorn who also directed IMO the ultimate nazi zombie movie "Shock waves". But the next movie i'm going to watch from Wiederhorn's catalog is going to be of course Meatballs 2.


Ty said...

J.J. 'Gross-Out' Gumbroski is one of the greatest characters!

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