Saturday, October 23, 2010

One Armed Executioner, The (1983)

Protagonist of the story is Interpol agent Ortega (Franco Guerrero). He is assigned to a case to get a diary that contains all the contacts of the local drug kingpin. Ortega and his men ambush the the dealers and in the process manage to destroy the diary. Interpol leads the kingpin to think that they have the diary.  Thugs invade Ortega's home to get the info about diary's whereabouts. They kill his bride and chop off his left arm. Once he is released from the hospital he start starts drinking heavily and basically not giving shit about anything anymore.

He is saved from the skids by martial arts sensei, who is terminated help Ortega with his revenge. Sensei turns Ortega into a mean fighting machine with just one arm. Now he is ready take his bloody vengeance on the drug cartel.

Great revenge movie, of course seeing it from such a great print is always a bonus. Directed by late great Bobby A. Suarez (there is Suarez interview on the Cleopatra side of disc). Soundtrack is simply awesome. The western style theme that is played through out the film is just really catchy. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up. But what the hell was that swastika doing on the side of the boat in the final scene ?!?!

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DVD Info
I don't usually make these DVD info sections, but i make an exception because this is a new release.

Released by Dark Sky Films.

Double feature disc, One armed Executioner and They Call Her Cleopatra Wong. To me Cleopatra Wong seemed like a very nice extra feature and the main attraction here is the OAE definitely.

Over all great print, well hell, amazing print. Some film artifacts are present but in no way disturbingly.

English subtitles included.

OAE Bonus features (There are also extra features on the Cleo side of the disc!!!)
- Remembering OAE (interviews with Joseph Zucchero and Franco Guerrero)
- A conversation with Nigel Hogge
- Extended Scenes
- Trailer
- Still gallery


haz said...


Could you post screencaps of Cleopatra Wong?


Kult Eye Bleeder said...

Sure. I try to get it done this weekend.

Kult Eye Bleeder said...

Done. check out

Roberto S. Suarez II said...

Thanks for the nice review. My father, Mr. Bobby A. Suarez would have thanked you personally if he were still around.

Eleonor said...

hi... I am looking for mr. franco guerrero.. my dad and him are really good friends. Do you know wer I could find him?? thanks!

Kult Eye Bleeder said...

sorry no idea. I think that Andrew Leavold might know, his website:

Eleonor said...

ok...thanks! :))

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