Sunday, November 7, 2010

They Call Her Cleopatra Wong (1978)

Cleopatra Wong (Marrie Lee) is a police woman who is put on a case to find crimals that are making counterfit money. Her investications lead her to monestry where the bad guys are running their counterfit operation by forcing the nuns to work for them.

Non-stop action rollercoaster ride. Lots of ass kicking performed by Marrie Lee. She was only seventeen when she auditioned for this movie, so she must have been something like 18 years old when they made this movie. She might not be the best martial arts performer but fighting scenes are still highly enjoyable. In her interview she says that she performed lots of the stunt by herself. She was offered 10 film contract by Bobby when her 3 years contract with him was ending, but she declined. Sadly she made only one film, "Target Scorpion", after her last film "Devil's Three" with Bobby.

All in all, really an upbeat movie.Well, movie that has guys dressed up as nuns and killing everyone in sight and blowing shit up, what else could it be than whole lotta fun.

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DVD Info

Released by Dark Sky Films.

Double feature disc, One armed Executioner and They Call Her Cleopatra Wong.

Beginning of the film is in correct aspect ratio (letterboxed, see the first screenshot) and after opening credits aspect ratio turn into a full screen 1.33:1. There are lots of film/video artifacts present and picture quality is not so happening. But this was the best source Dark Sky could find and the main thing is that this one finally made it on to DVD.

English subtitles included.

Cleopatra Wong Bonus features (There are also extra features on the OAE side of the disc, see OAE review!!!)
- They call her Marrie Lee
- A conversation with Bobby A. Suarez
- Still gallery


Jack J said...

I think CLEOPATRA WONG is a cool movie and I already had the South African DVD and the Australian VHS. The SA DVD is also fullscreen (taken from a 16mm print) but the VHS is letterboxed (almost as much as the intro on the new DVD) and it's clear to see the difference.

When you compare with the VHS it also becomes apparent how muffled the sound is on the DVD version (I'm only talking about CLEO WONG, not ONE ARMED). I know they put an effort into trying to find an uncut print for ONE ARMED but I wonder if they put as much search into trying to find a lbx print for CLEO WONG. If the Aussie video label had access to a lbx print for the VHS it must be out there somewhere. Oh well. I'm still uber-happy for this new DVD and it means everybody can get to watch these films now, not just anal video collectors like me, haha.

Kult Eye Bleeder said...

Do you know when the Aussie VHS was released? And congrats for owning that. Lucky you :)

Jack J said...

Thanks. Yeah, I was lucky (and AU$75 poorer). LOL. I haven't been able to find out which year it was released. It's not mentioned on the tape and I haven't been able to find one single mention of the tape on the internet. That's how rare it is. I'd say probably early 80s. The back of the cover mentions that the video label's next release was gonna be THE BIONIC BOY. Miltos of Cinehound forum mentioned that there is also a letterboxed tape in Greece and that that tape is very rare too.

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