Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pink Force Commando (1982)

Our heroines are surrounded by bunch of soldiers, who wants to get their hands on the gold that these girls have. I think soldiers are supposed to be Japanese, although they are dressed up once again in nazi uniforms. Anyway, girls make a pack that they meet in year's time in a same place and two of them make a run for it with the gold. They manage to escape, but Jackal (Brigitte Lin) betrays them and runs of with the Commander, who was in charge of the attack.

Together they, Jackal and Commander, build a town in middle of  nowhere where the good folks of this bizarre land can gamble and satisfy their other needs in a brothel. Rest of the girls don't like this a bit and they are going to get their share of the gold.

Holy shit! This one was even more crazier than the prequel "Golden Queen's Commando". This time we get dudes dressed up like KKK, one of the girl's got this weird fantasy/super heroine costume, other girl loses an arm and it's replaced with machine gun prosthesis and yeah the Japanese nazi soldiers are back.

Yen-ping Chu directed also this one. There is some recycled footage from the first film and sometimes the plot doesn't make any sense, but so what. Action is top notch and girls are cute. That's enough for me.


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