Sunday, September 12, 2010

Golden Queen's Commando (1982)

Film starts at prison camp. Year is 1944. Seven women prisoners enter the camp. Beginning of the film tells the stories how these women ended up in prison. Most of them are in for murder. Next part of the movie is like a lighthearted WIP movie. Women escape from the prison camp. Woman who planned the escape, Black Fox (Brigitte Lin: Chungking Express, The Bride with White Hair), is offering them a job, that's why she helped them to escape. They must destroy chemical factory run by the evil army captain, but the army is closing in on them fast. Will they succeed in their mission?

Directed by Yen-ping Chu (in film's credits Chu Yin Ping). I can't recall that i have seen any of his work before.

This movie has elements from all sorts of genres: WIP, spaghetti western, kung-fu movies and comedy, well at least.

The over all craziness is what makes this movie great: crazy ass dubbing, wild soundtrack (they used Morricone's Ecstacy of gold from "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", for christ sake!!!), prisoners playing basketball in Japanese(?) prison camp in the 1944, '80 hair styles and clothing, japanese army using nazi style uniforms and lots of gory action.

Another lost classic that needs a good DVD-release. There is also a sequel to this craziness called "Pink Force Commondos".


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