Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Final Score (1986)

"Who are you?" "Death!"

Villain named Mr. Hawk (Mike Abbott) sends his men to take care of  director of  computer institute Richard Brown (Chris Mitchum) before he can sign a contract that's not in a favour of Mr. Hawks criminal activities. Thugs enter Brown's home (he's away buying birthday present for his son) and kills his son and gang-rape and kill his wife. Brown finds his family slaughtered and swears revenge. Bad guys come back later and try to kill Brown, but that ain't gonna happen. He kills 'em all and manages to get the names of the men behind all of this. So now he's kicking ass and taking names.

Brown enters the thugs hideout. We get these flashbacks from Vietnam so we know Brown is about to blow some shit up and kill these goons. And so he does. Brown got five names in his list, one down, four to go. Rest of the film concentrates on how Brown takes down these men behind his family's murder one by one. Before the final match between Mr. Hawk and Brown, we get all the normal stuff that happens to you when go on a revenge: Brown gets captured and tortured by the bad guys and he get romantically involved with a woman who saves him.

Directed by Arizal (Lethal Hunter, Double Crosser), so you know that the action is top-notch and we get lot of that too. Gun fights, exploding all kind of shit up and lots of car and motorcycle stunts in this one. One of the car stunts involve guy hanging outside the car's window and they crash the car. That shit just looked dangerous. Hopefully that dude was OK after that.

Once again, highly recommended grim vengeance story with lots of action. Let's hope that some day some company releases these Arizal movies on good quality DVDs. Gimme triple Arizal feature, Lethal hunter, Final score and Double Crosser and i will be the first in line to buy that one!


Jack J said...

I'll definitely be right there next to you in line. xD

Ty said...

This looks amazing. Got to see this movie!

Buzzy said...

They want to make a dvd release of this movie.
See the indiegogo Final Score release campaign site.

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