Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Double Edge (1986)

"That's when the law stops and this is were i come in!"

Young kid sees his parents brutally murdered by loan sharks. Fast forward 20 years. Now this kid is tough cop named Mark Quinn (Romano Kristoff). Quinn finds out that his friend is blackmailed into smuggling heroin (thugs have kidnapped friends son). Friend commits suicide and Quinn is terminated to put end to this drug smuggling ring.

There is also vigilante ninja in town. He is the modern Robin Hood: kicking bad guys asses, taking their money and giving it to the ones who needed it. I don't think i am going to spoil pretty much anything when i tell you that Quinn is the ninja. He is like Superman, he disappears for a moment and comes back in a ninja outfit!

Directed by John Lloyd. According to IMDB he only directed couple of movies including this one. Have to track down "Ninja Warriors", that one sounds like a winner.

Action is pretty solid, but not as over the top as in Santiago or Arizal movies. Mostly violent gun fights, no big car chases here. Still recommended for Filipino action junkies.


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