Friday, September 17, 2010

Naked Vengeance (1985)

Santiago's take on the rape-revenge genre.

Husband (Terrence O'Hara) and wife (Deborah Tranelli) go out to celebrate their anniversary. After coming from a restaurant to the car park they see thug beating up woman. Husband intervenes and gets killed by the thug. Police is helpless because they have no eye-witnesses. Wife, Carla, gets frustrated and goes to the country side to stay with her parents.

Everyone at her old hometown gives her hard time.One night local hell raisers decide to pay her a visit. They gang-rape her. Carla's parents came back early, they were visiting relative, and the invaders kill them. One of the invaders freaks out and threatens to tell everything. Invaders kill him too and frame him for the murders. Hoodlums think that Carla is also dead, but she is hospitalized in catatonic state.

She wakes from her catatonic state and now she is about get even. Rapers meet their end in various ways: one guy becomes human torch, another one is castrated with knife. Now the town's sheriff and mob lead by the rapers is after her. Mob burns down her house while she is still inside but she manages to escape. She takes care of the last rapist and goes back to New York. She's got one more thing to take care of, her husbands killer...

Not typical Santiago movie. This is pretty serious movie, not your typical over the top action filled Santiago flick. Beginning of the movie is pretty slow, but ones she gets on her revenge rampage things really pick up. Over all pretty good revenge flick.


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