Monday, September 20, 2010

Lethal Hunter aka American Hunter (1988)

Another lethal dose of Indonesian action!

Movie starts with a bang. Jeep is driven into office building from the roof top of the opposite building. Man in the Jeep executes everyone in the office in search for microfilm. But microfilm is gone. Villains chase  the man who escaped with the microfilm. Villains finally catch the man and get the microfilm.

Secret agent Jack Carver (Chris Mitchum) is send to get the microfilm back. He meets the man, Selick (Peter O'Brian), who is selling the film to highest bidder. All the hell breaks loose when the bad guys come into office to get the film. Carver manages to save Selick' secretary Janet (Ida Iasha). After series of gun fights and whole lotta crazy ass action bad guys capture Carver. They torture him to get the info of microfilms whereabouts. Of course they fail miserably and set the house on fire leaving Carver there to burn.

Surprisingly enough, Carver manages to escape. After this we get series of car and helicopter chases (best car stunt was the one where villains drove their car into a crowded  grocery store), fist fights, gun fights, bad guys kidnapping Janet and lots of explosions when the bad guys try get the microfilm and in the process eliminate Carver. In the end we see the final fight between Carver and the main villain Adam (Bill "Superfoot" Wallace). Finally the microfilm is returned to the good guys. The End (just how many times did i wrote the word microfilm...).

Directed by Arizal and he knows how to make a good actioner. This was not as mind blowing as Arizal's "Double Crosser" or "Final Score", but still a very very fine Indo-actioner.

Lots of memorable scenes in this one. Highlights include Peter O'Brian's character's demise. He is chased by car into a dead end alley and rammed through a prick wall. One of most bizarre interrogation methods is also used when the villains want to get info out of Janet. They put shaving cream on her face and start shaving her invisible beard... 


O-Bot! said...

I can't find any of Arizal's movies. I am a noob at searching for hard to find dvds other than google. Been looking for any of these for over a year. Suggestions?

Adul Gandul said...

Tolong dong diupload film full movie nya gan...trims

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