Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ninja Warriors (1985)

Ninjas infiltrate building and steal top secret documents. Drunken dude witnesses ninjas leaving the building and tells cops about this.

Ninjas are giving police hard time, stealing documents and killing people. Luckily one officer has a friend (Ron Marchini) who knows all about ninjas( he sort of ninja too, you know).  Too bad for him because ninjas are trying to kill him every five minutes (it's not very clear why...).

Ninjas were after secret formula (something to do with world domination with über ninjas) and they only managed to get parts of the formula. So they have to extort the doctor who made the formula by kidnapping his daughter.

Oh man...i think that my weekly allowance as a kid was bigger than this movie's budget and it was only couple of bucks. I really don't know how i should react to this movie. I laughed out loud couple of times because the acting was so atrocious.  So at least the movie was somewhat entertaining but it was not cheesy enough to reach the heights when cheese turn into a pure gold.

Directed by John Lloyd who also directed much more entertaining "Double Edge".Check that one out instead of this one.


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I recommend "Ninja Champion"

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