Thursday, September 23, 2010

Battle Rats (1988)

Group of American soldiers are ambushed by vietcongs using children as bait. They survive the ambush. Soldiers go to a small village to find vietcong leader responsible for the ambush and in a process execute everyone in the village.

Back to army base. Captain from the massacre in putting together special elite group called "Tunnel rats" whos mission is to go into vietcong underground tunnels and smoke the "charlies" out.

After intensive training (well going through couple of car tires...) Tunnel rats start their  mission to get the vietcongs out of the holes in a near by village. Things go awry and tunnel rats has to retreat back to base.

New day, new strategy. Terminated to capture the vietcong captain and terminate the rest of his soldiers, Tunnel rats return to the tunnels once more.

Violent Filipino Vietnam war actioner. Bad acting, characters with strange accents, lots of violent action and political incorrectness. So everything that a '80 Filipino war actioner should have is here.

Directed by Ben Yalung. IMDB trivia says that he became member of "Oasis of Love" church year after this film and he started  doing religious movies as "his way of praising God". Haven't seen any of those but hopefully they are full blown action movies with a religious twist...

On a side note, some parts of the movie were subtitled and not dubbed, you don't see that everyday in a Filipino trash.


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