Friday, September 24, 2010

Silk (1986)

Silk (Cec Verrell) is tough female detective working in Honolulu P.D. She is investigating crime syndicate that is  bringing Asian criminals into Honolulu with false identities.

I had little higher expectation for this movie. I was hoping that this would be action packed girls-with-gun movie, but i have to say that i was little disappointed. Cec Verrell was just ok as a leading lady.   First part of the movie promised so much more, great car chase sequence involving train, lots of shooting and explosions. After the opening sequence the movie kind of slowed down to half speed and never seemed to get into full speed again. To me this felt like the most "American" style movie Santiago had directed by 1986. Missing the crazy ass Filipino flavour that was so strongly present in his previous movies.

If interested in girls with guns genre i suggest that look for Hong Kong movies, such as "Royal Warriors", "Yes, Madam" or "In the Line of Duty IV". Those HK chicks really know how kick some serious ass.


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