Monday, September 27, 2010

Deadly Prey (1987)

Group of mercenaries kidnap people to use them as their "runners" in a savage hunting exercise. They kidnap Danton (Ted Prior) and now that was huge mistake! Danton is Vietnam vet and he kills all most all of  the mercenaries hunting him. Danton's wife Jamie saw him being kidnapped and calls her father (Cameron Mitchell), a former cop, for help . Father goes looking for Danton.

Mercenary leader finds out that the "runner" is Danton, most deathliest killing machine he has trained. There is some bad blood between these two. Finally mercenaries capture Danton and the leader wants him to join them. Danton tells him to fuck off and manages to escape. Mercenaries kidnap Jamie and capture Jamie's father and kill him.

Danton goes back to his house and gets all kind of shit from his secret stash: Guns, dynamite, grenades - you name it. Now its time to settle the score.

Final fight between the biggest bad ass mercenary and Danton is quite epic. Danton chops off mercenary's arm with machete and start beating him with severed arm and as a grande finale he scalps the mercenary.

Low, i mean VERY low, budget Rambo rip-off. I think that they used only couple of locations in the whole movie and it looks like they are running in circles in the forest. Oh yeah, '80s mullets are also very well presented here. So if you are looking for cheesy '80 action movie, you should check out "Deadly Prey".

Directed by  David A. Prior who is one of founders of Action International Pictures that used produce these low budget actioners in the '80s. He is also brother of the leading man Ted Prior.


Direct to Video Connoisseur said...

This is one of my all time favorite films, from the great kills scenes, to the dialog, to the Santa Claus character from Space Mutiny playing Danton's father-in-law-- it's nearly flawless.

Ty said...

I have to watch this again post haste! Barely remember Cameron Mitchell in it.

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