Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Warbus (1985)

Movie is set in Vietnam war. Missionaries have to flee from their station when Vietcongs attack their camp. Missionaries  take a school bus (hence the name "Warbus") and escape from the camp. While on the road they meet group of American soldiers. Together they continue their journey back to American base through the enemy territory.

This one is great low budget actioner. Sort of a road movie with Vietnam twist. Lots of exploding huts, well just about everything is blown up in this movie. No dull moments, just battle after battle. Couple of inconsistencies in the movie. There is  traitor on board who tries to sabotage their journey, he is caught red-handed and put in a bamboo cage. Couple of scenes later the traitor is fighting with the rest of the bunch. Well, maybe i was making sandwich when they sorted out  their problems....

Directed by Ferdinando Baldi (credited as Ted Kaplan).


Anonymous said...

My name is Don Gordon Bell, and I played the Missionary's husband. Director Baldi wanted me to take the part after an Italian actor could not come due to scheduling problems. He said that I had the "guy who has fallen on bad times look".
My character is rebuffed by his wife who has put up with his cheating with young girls, drinking excessively, Psychotic Schizophrenia that has caused him to be in and out of Psycho Wards. On top of all THAT, he was Epileptic and has run out of medication prompting his urgency to leave behind the MARINES. Oh, uh remember the Grand Mal seizure that occurred before the last sequence? So my character was NOT understood nor respected (The Italians packed a lot into this guy) and was reviled by all except for the South Vietnamese Major (our allies). He redeemed himself at the CAVE sequence. OH, yes, I forgot that he is also a gun freak with two shotguns, a sniper rifle, M-16, .45 cal Colt Semi-Automatic Pistol. I was told that I should cover my USMC tatoo because Director Baldi wanted me to NOT be a former American military.

So I hope that gives a bit more to the complexity of MY character. Not a traitor but a misunderstood perverted, paranoid schizo-psycho, gun-wielding, epileptic kind of guy. Whew, when I read the script I was wondering how many Multiple Personalities I was to have in this film.

It was also interesting that a good friend, an ambassador from a South American country, was himself Epileptic and he provided me personal information. He informed me that sometimes he would get dizzy and know that he was having a minor seizure and needed meds. Remember, that when my character was on top of the "Warbus" he bangs on the roof, complaining that he is getting 'sick'. He knows that his meds have run out and later he has the Grand Mal.
My friend actually had a Grand Mal at a Manila Disco before shooting and because of his training I knew how to prevent injuries and using a clothe to keep him from biting his tongue. In the film, the director wanted my 'wife' to give me pills BUT this is not correct, the person would just choke on them.

Thank you for your review, hope this helps.

The Korean War Baby salutes you.

Semper Fidelis
Don Gordon Bell

Kult Eye Bleeder said...

Thank you very much for your reply!

It's always nice to hear some stories from the people involved in these movies shot in Philippines.

Yeah, it seems that they really packed a LOT in your character. I have to watch this movie again to really understand your character.

Again, thanks for your reply and all the best for the future.

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