Thursday, September 30, 2010

Exterminators of the Year 3000 (1983)

World after the atomic bomb.

Two cops try to pull over man with a fancy nuclear wasteland ride. He won't stop and he runs over one of the cops. Another cop manages steal the hoodlums car, when he is looking for water in cops car. Hoodlum takes cops car and after chasing him he flips the car and gets trapped inside the car. Cop drives off.

Fortress, where the good folks of wasteland lives, is running out of water. They have send already one man to search for water but he hasn't come back, so they have to send another search party. Exterminators (wasteland bandits) attack the convey and kill every one except small boy Tommy who has the map to water source. He manages to escape from the bandits.

While lost in the wilderness Tommy bump into the man called Alien (whom we saw at the beginning of the movie). He is still trapped inside the car. Tommy frees him and eventually they team up to find the water.

Giuliano Carnimeo directed this solid post apocalyptic actioner. Car stunts are fairly good and action sequences are also well executed. Characters has these funky names like Alien and Trash, so that's of course added cheese factor bonus. Oh yeah, it turns out that the boy is biomechanical. Ending was bit disappointing, too happy for my taste.


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