Monday, October 4, 2010

Blastfighter (1984)

Story about ex-cop Jake 'Tiger' Sharp (Michael Sopkiw) who is released from jail after serving 8 years for murdering a thug who killed his wife. Tiger's friend gives him a special modified rifle to kill the man who was the master mind behind the wife's murder. Jake can't pull the trigger. He's a changed man now.

He just wants peace and quiet and goes into country side where he was raised up. Local rednecks give him hard time and eventually things escalate to a point where these rednecks try to kill him. They don't succeed.

Tiger's daughter, local park ranger and friend comes to visit him. Rednecks end up killing all of them except Tiger's daughter. Tiger and daughter escape into woods. Eventually thugs manage to kill the daughter and that is the final straw for Tiger. He gets his special rifle and start blasting off some rednecks.

Directed by Lamberto Bava, man who is going to be known always as the son of the late great Mario Bava. I just can imagine the pressure he must have felt when he started his directing career. L. Bava has also made couple of decent giallos, A Blade in the Dark and Midnight Killer. Not the best ones in the giallo genre but not the worst ones either. There is a small giallo moment in Blastfighter when they show the wife's murder. Murderer got black gloves and switchblade. Typical giallo murder kit.

Blastfighter is a good movie. Better than your average revenge flicks. Of course it has some of that Ramboish flavour in it when our hero Tiger goes hiding in the woods and takes out bad guys one by one. Soundtrack was somewhat bizarre combination of electronic western doodles, which were pretty okay  and really cheesy melodramatic Casio scores. They sucked. But what the hell, check it out. It's definitely worth it.


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