Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thunder aka Thunder Warrior (1983)

Young native American called Thunder (Mark Gregory, Bronx Warriors 1 & 2) comes back home. He finds out that locals are building on his tribes sacred ground, old indian cematary. He gets into trouble with the construction workers. Thunder goes to see local sheriff and tell him about the treaty that Indians have made long time ago for the sacred land, Sheriff is not interested. Thunder goes to protest in front of bank. Deputy arrests him and drives him out of town. Deputy tells him that he doesn't want to see him again in town.

While walking back to town Thunder is beaten up by local rednecks. Now totally pissed off Thunder returns to town. Deputy stops him again and cops try to beat him up, but Thunder is not going to take any of that shit. He beats up the cops and escapes. Cops gather up a posse and starts hunting him down.

Italian Rambo rip off, this time it's not Vietnam vet but native American who is given hard time by local rednecks and police. Action sequences were okay, exploding shit up and destroying bunch of cars. Of course one has to remember that budget must have been pretty miniscule, so don't expect any of that "Blues Brothers car mayhem". All in all, good '80s actioner. Two sequels where made, have to check out those too.

Directed by Fabrizio De Angelis (he was one of the producers of Fulci's ultra-classic Zombie Flesh-Eaters aka Zombie 2)


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