Friday, October 8, 2010

Future Hunters (1986)

Film starts as post apocalyptic movie. Year is 2025 and world has been a wasteland for last 40 years. One man can save the world by finding the spearhead that was used to kill the christ and he must touch it to go back in time. Yeah, that's right. He finds the spear and is transported back in time to LA. Year is 1987.

Slade(Robert Patrick, Terminator 2) and Michelle(Linda Carol) finds him wounded, man tells them that they have to return the spearhead to it's original shaft. Man from the post apocalyptic world drops dead. Couple start their journey to find the shaft. Bad guys are of course after the spear so that they can unleash the evil powers and rule the world.

Wild mix of genres in this one. Post apocalyptic movie turn into present day drama, then suddenly some kung fu is thrown in and rest of movie is sort "Romancing the Stone" rip off. Movie also includes tribe of amazon women, rose sniffing bad guy (that was SO over the top that i totally cracked up), lots of cardboard stones and all kinds of crazy shit.

Definitely not the best Santigoa movie, but lots of fun. Just be ready for some really over the top WTF moments.


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