Monday, November 15, 2010

Just A Damned Soldier (1988)

Elite squad of four soldier rob a gold mining plant. Soldiers succeed in their mission and manage to get the gold out of the country. Crime boss that owns the plant doesn't take this too lightly and sends his men after the elite squad.

Little different than your usually Filipino jungle actioner. No POW rescue mission or getting Vietcongs out of the underground tunnels in this one. We do get couple exploding huts though. First part of the movie is some good old gun fighting action and exploding shit up. Middle part is bit slow, but then the action picks up again. Rom Kristoff plays one of the members of the elite squad and so does Mark Gregory.

Not the best shit filmed in Philippines, but still enjoyable actioner. Directed by Ferdinando Baldi, credited once again as Ted Kaplan. Seems to me that Baldi is usually given little bit bigger budget than your average Filipino trash directors, at least in the final scene they blew lots of shit up. Or maybe i have been watching too many Bruno Mattei movies lately and that's why everything else seems like a big budget extravaganza compared to them...


Sean Grey Hanson said...

A nice Filipino labeled flick!

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