Saturday, November 20, 2010

Born To Fight (1989)

Reporter Marilyn Kane(Mary Stavin) hires Vietnam vet Sam Wood (Brent Huff) as a guide for their trip to Vietnam. Of course things are not what they seem, Kane has actually hired Wood to help her to get her father out of Vietcong prison camp. Let the mayhem begin!

Hell yeah! Our hero Sam Wood is snake venom drinking bad ass! He always have a cool one liner after he takes out bad guys. Movie was somewhat slow in the middle part , but the ending was all out hut exploding mayhem (same hut was shown blowing up at least dozen times...). Recycling in Mattei style.

I have to say that Brent Huff has became one of my favourite actors in this Filipino madness. Well sure, his acting skill are somewhat questionable, but so what. He is just perfect for these kind of roles. You know, he has that certain "Hand him M-60 and he will bring those boys back from prison camp" -element in him.

Directed by the maestro Bruno Mattei and yeah, he delivers in spades with this one.


Paul Cooke aka Buckaroobanzai said...

One of Bruno's Best Action movies as as you say Brent Huff was Born To Fight in this role. Mary Stavin is loud but not as loud as the unbelieveable explosive ending. Coming right at the end of the Eighties Italian Action boom this definitely has the feel of Bruno saying what the heck let's use everything we have for one last blood & thunder showpiece. He does it extremely well. Love this movie !.

Jack J said...

Paul, was it you who wrote the review for this film in the book? It's not mentioned which reviews you and David Z wrote but the reviewer said the same about Bruno having thought "to hell with it" and handed out one last mucho explosive final action movie to an un-expecting (or maybe EXPECTING, haha) audience! Anyhoo, I got hold of this film because of that book review and I'm definitely happy I did.

Paul Cooke aka Buckaroobanzai said...

Pretty much everything in the book Tough To Kill to do with Bruno was by me Jack, so yes indeed I did write the Review for Born To Fight, so I guess I am self quoting :) , My love for his Action / Horror flicks enthusiasm is boundless.
When watching Born To Fight you just kinda feel that Bruno had a trunk load of explosives left & this was his last trip to the Philippines at that time so he literally blew up everything that was still standing. Highly entertaining movie.

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