Monday, October 25, 2010

Terror Train (1980)

Bunch of collage kids set up their nerd friend for a prank that goes wrong. Fast forward three years.These youngters are having their graduation party on the train. There is also killer on board (could it be that nerd...), students start to drop dead one by one.

First half of the movie is pretty slow. Not much going on, couple of students get killed, but that's about it. Second half of the movie is little bit better. Yes, there is some titties shown in the second half. This time the killer uses multiple masks, taking the mask of his/her latest victim (student are wearing costumes for the graduation party).

Jamie Lee Curtis plays the leading role. Of course the main idea for having Curtis as the lead is to cash in on the success of Halloween. David Copperfield plays magician who performs for the student in the train. These Copperfield magic number scenes are pretty pointless.

Directed by Roger Spottiswoode. He tells in the book "Going to Pieces" in detail what a total nighmare it was to shoot in the actual train almost the whole movie and how the cinematographer John Alcott (famous for his work with Kubrick) basically saved the day with his brilliant lighting ideas.

All in all, second half is a good old time slasher fun and scream queen Curtis is cute as always. She would later return to slasher genre in Halloween II (1981) and Halloween H20 (1998).


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