Wednesday, October 27, 2010

House On the Sorority Row (1983)

Group of sorority sisters play prank on their house mother who has given them hard time from day one. Prank goes terribly wrong and house mother gets killed. Sisters hide her body in the swimming pool. Sorority sisters are having a party in the house like nothing happened but then somebody start killing them. Has the house mother risen from her watery grave !?!?!

Not enought breasts and showering scenes to make this good "show them titties"-slasher. And story is not good enough to make this a really good movie (yes, those tits are needed if the plot is not good enough). Couple of plot twists in the end and couple of pretty graphic murders. Murderer's instrument of choice is the house mothers cane. All in all, mediocre slasher from the slasher genre's crazy days.

Directed by Mark Rosman. Remake version titled "Sorority Row" was made in 2009.

ps. The band "4 Out of 5 Doctors"  that plays in the sorority party sucks ass big time. I even checked out quickly their best of album in Spotify and man, this band was destined not to make it. Sorry.


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