Friday, October 29, 2010

Burning, The (1981)

Kids in a summer camp play a prank on the camp's care taker. Prank goes terribly wrong and care taker is badly burned. Fast forward five years. It's summer camp time again. Care taker has come back and he is going to make those kids pay for what they did to him.

POV stalking, naked girls, horror stories by the camp fire, it's all here. This is one of the better slasher films. Murders are pretty graphic. Even so graphic (effect were made by the maesto Tom Savini) that this movie made it to the infamous Video Nasties list

Directed by Tony Maylam. His directing career didn't really take off. He only made couple of feature films after this. Holly Hunter makes a quick apperance as one of the kids in the camp. Don't blink or you will miss her. Jason Greenspan (who plays George Costanza in Seinfeld) is also one of the campers.


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