Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Miner gone apeshit.

Some twenty years ago bunch of miners got trapped in the mining shaft, because men who were resposible for their safety went to Valentine's day party. Later only one miner was found alive. He had eaten rest of the miners. Sole survivor goes bananas and kills the men responsible for the accident and tells the town to never ever again to celebrate Valentine's day or some heads are going to roll.

Fast forward to present day (or to 1981). All this is now just a legend and town arranges Valentine's day party. Now that's mistake. Miner starts to give his own bloody Valentine's day presents to town's folks...

One of the best slashers hailing from Canada. Miner bogeyman character works really well, i think it's right up there with the good old Halloween bogeyman, Michael Myers. Mining shaft gives a nice claustrophobic feeling at the final. Ending twist is some what predictable, but so what. These funky twists come with the slasher-territory.

Movie was remade in the 2009, i haven't seen that one. I don't think that i even want to. Recent slasher remake boom (Halloween, Sorority Row, Elm Street etc) has gotten little out of hand IMO.

Directed by George Mihalka.


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This is a great movie! Great review!

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