Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hanzo The Razor: Sword Of Justice (1972), The Snare (1973), Who's Got the Gold? (1974)

Hanzo (Shintaro Katsu) is officer in Edo period Japan. He uses unorthodox interrogation methods, to say at least, to get confessions out of criminals, especially from women. Spinning sex chair is Hanzo's secret weapon for getting the confession out of women criminals/suspects.  He rapes them with his huge cock and usually women end up begging for more and his is not going to give them anything unless they confess. You know...well.... You could call him the Rapist Detective...

Sword Of Justice (1972)
Films start with Hanzo giving hard time to his superiors, all the officials should swear loyalty, but Hanzo refuses because he wants to do things his own way. Hanzo hears that there is a convicted killer, who has escaped from  penitentiary, on the loose in his town. He start to investigate the case and soon he discovers that there are also higher ranking officials involved. No matter what your ranks is, Hanzo is going to get you!

The Snare (1973)
Young girl is found dead in town's watermill. Hanzo starts to investigate the case and discovers that girl has had an abortion prior to her dead. Hanzo investigates the case further and finds out that local temple is used to sell young girls to town's influential men.

Who's Got the Gold? (1974)
This time Hanzo is investigating gold smuggling case. Smuggled gold is buried deep in the lake near treasury and crazy ass ghost woman is guarding the lake and keeping unwanted visitors away. This won't stop Hanzo and he gets the info he wants out of this woman by using he's special interrogation methods on her. Information leads Hanzo to suspects and he is ready to tear the whole town apart to solve this case.

Oh man... what can i say about these movies other than they are great! Geysers of blood spraying all over the place, a samurai cop who don't take shit from anybody. The whole aspect of these films is so absurd that you just look at them with your jaw dropped and wonder what the fuck were they thinking.

Hanzo's daily routines include beating his dick with wooden stick and after that doing a thing or two with a rice sack. Hanzo has two former criminals as his side kicks who brings some intentional comedy in these films.

All in all, great trilogy. You won't see this kind of detective work everyday, i promise you that.


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Sword Of Justice (1972) is a nice movie! I am looking for a DVD on this movie. Hope to find one.

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