Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hunters Of The Golden Cobra, The (1982)

Year 1944. British intelligence officer David Franks (John Steiner) and American soldier Bob Jackson (David Warbeck) try to catch double crossing Japanese officer who has a statue called "Golden Cobra", that possesses supernatural powers.

Japanese officer crashes his plane into a jungle and American soldier goes after him. Japanese officer is killed by natives and American soldier drugged by natives. He is put on a draft and send floating on a river. Before he passes out he sees white woman appearing from the jungle.

One year later. Franks tracks down Jackson and offers him bunch of money to go with him to an expedition to find the Golden Cobra.

Director Margheriti's (credited as Anthony M. Dawson) first take on the Indy-style-adventure genre. Not as much action as i hoped for. First part of the movie is really good and then the action somewhat slows down and never seems to really pick up again.

British officer character is pretty over the top. Strong British accent and shoots people without even blinking an eye. Good stuff.

All in all, entertaining movie but lacking that over-the-top action that makes these Filipino movies so special. But i will definitely check out the other Indy-style-adventures made by Margheriti: Jungle Raiders and Ark of the Sun God


Elgart said...

Great review! Hope to see this film.

Cinema Raiders said...

This is one of the better Indiana Jones rip-off films. Great site. Mind if I post a link to it on mine? http://cinemaraiders.blogspot.com

Kult Eye Bleeder said...

@Elgart: thanks, film is definitely worth the look

@Cinema Raiders: feel free to link to any reviews you want. Thanks.

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