Sunday, December 19, 2010

Spyder (1988)

Spyder (Blake Bahner) is a tought cop working for LAPD. Spyder's partner Stokes (Ronald William Lawrence) gets call from his long lost brother from Hawaii. Brother is in deep shit. Drug smuggling mercenaries held him as a prisoner but he managed to escape and now they are after him.

Stokes was told that his brother was MIA, so he goes to see his brother in Hawaii and all the hell breaks loose when the mercenaries come to a hotel where they are staying to silence Stoke's drug addict brother. Stoke gets killed and thugs plant in his room shit load of heroin to set him up being on a drug buy out. Spyder don't believe any of this and goes to Hawaii to sort this whole mess up.

Pretty mean spirited movie. Drug addicts, lots of shoot outs, car chases, even couple of exploding huts (damn those grenade lauchers are handy when exploding the shit out huts). All in all, good movie. Filipino action movie junkies won't be disappointed, i know i wasn't.

Directed by Joe Mari Avellana. He directed only hand full of movies, but did lots of supporting actor roles, especially in Cirio H. Santiago's movies (Silk, Wheels of Fire, Caged Fury etc)


Ty said...

Good Review. Definitely want to see this one. They renamed the movie: Blackbelt II: Fatal Force in the U.S.

Kult Eye Bleeder said...

Thanks, definitely worth the look. This one is so good that IMDB has two entries for the movie, LOL

Blackbelt II


Ty said...

Lol nice! Been waiting all year for Netflix to send it. Will just have to buckle down and buy it! said...

It was fun making the film and the director (R.I.P.) was a great guy to work with. Blake was always uptight though....I'm sure he is a nice guy...we're both from Oklahoma. I was the police chief (Irish).

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