Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Women In Cages (1971)

Woman is framed by her boyfriend for smuggling heroin. She is send to a women's prison. And we all know what's going on in those places (at least in WIP movies...)

This is one of those infamous WIP movies. Pam Grier plays a guard called Alabama who is giving hard time to prisoners. She has her own private playpen where she tortures the prisoners.

Not much going on in this movie, your usual WIP stuff: naked chick showering, playing with each other, fighting each other, planning escape, guard torturing and humiliating them etc.

Women in Cages was actually pretty boring movie. I can't really recommend this one unless you are a fan of WIP movies. Directed by Gerardo de Leon.


Jack J said...

I realise you didn't like the movie (LOL) but all the same I just wanna mention Shout! Factory are putting it out on a proper DVD in a box with THE BIG BIRD CAGE and BIG DOLL HOUSE later this year.

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