Friday, May 27, 2011

Cheerleader Camp aka Bloody Pom Poms (1988)

Bunch of cheerleaders goes into a cheerleader camp to compete other teams from the same area. Maniac starts killing these girls.

Holy cheese, Batman! At first i thought i was watching Porky's guys going camping. First part of the movie is like one of the crazy '80s teen comedies that suddenly turns into a slasher cheese fest.

Gory effects are pretty well done. Plot is half arsed and acting is pretty awful, but so what. This one doesn't even pretend to be high art, it just what it is: slasher cheese fest with lots of naked chicks.

Directorial debut of John Quinn.

ps. UK title Bloody Pom Poms is just damn brilliant, i laughed out loud when i saw that.


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