Wednesday, June 1, 2011

008: Operation Exterminate (1965)

American secret agent 008 (Ingrid Schoeller) and agent 006 from British secret intelligence services (Alberto Lupo) start to work together to locate anti-radar device. Their investigations start from Cairo, Egypt and later takes them to Switzerland.

Directed by Umberto Lenzi early on his career during the Eurospy craze in mid '60s. Little different from typical James Bond poofs because the leading spy this time is a woman, agent 008. Of course there is also a killer with a strange killing method, this time we have a killer with rubber glove that shoots knife blades. Well, how about that...

There is also a little homage to James Bond films. When agent 006 is sitting by the swimming pool he has a book on the table, it's Ian Flemings "Live and Let Die".

The twist in the end is pretty good, but then there is another twist after that and it feels like added there just to make sure that there could be another 006 and 008 adventure.

Pretty enjoyable Eurospy movie and it's nice to see films from maestro Lenzi when he was just starting out his career as a director.


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Looks like a cool movie!

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