Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Black Cobra 2, The (1990)

Detective Malone (Fred Williamson) shoots a bad guy who has taken a woman as a hostage. His boss totally flips out for his irresponsible behavior, telling him that he is tired of sorting out the mess Malone always causes. Malone is sent to Manila, Philippines to work with the Interpol.

While on airport his wallet is stolen by a small time crook. Malone pays the crook a visit but finds him murdered. Before his death he has send a package to his daughter and now the bad guys are after the girl. Malone can't figure out what was so important in the package.

Good amount of action in the beginning and in the end. The middle part was bit boring, they could have trimmed easily 10 minutes from the middle of the film. Fred Williamson does once again a good job as an aging cop. Maybe his knees were totally busted for real from his American football days, because in some scenes it looked like he had hard time for real to get up on his knees.

Directed by Edoardo Margheriti, who also directed the 3rd Black Cobra movie.


Ty said...

Got to watch this Black Cobra movies post haste. They look like a blast.

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