Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Killer Instinct (aka Behind The Enemy Lines, 1987)

The Vietnam war rages on! This time Mr. Santiago puts our heroes on POW rescue mission. Everything seems be going just fine, but our heroes find themselves ambushed by the Vietkongs and are taken as prisoners.

One of the soldiers, Johnny Ransom (Robert Patrick) manages to escape from to prison camp and he is not about to leave his buddies rotting in that god forsaken place. He goes on an another rescue mission. This time he going to make the Vietkongs pay and it's going to be all the way grenade launcher mayhem.

Some good old cold war stuff in this one. Vietkongs have Russian officer as their advisor (think of Dolph Lundgren in Rocky 4 and you get the picture what he looks like).

Movie is basically divided into two parts. First act: the rescue missions and capture and yet another rescue mission. Act two: our hero Ransom goes to hospital to gather his strengths and when he is ready to rock n roll he goes to yet another rescue mission. This time kicking ass big time.

To be honest i haven't paid much attention to Robert "Terminator 2" Patrick's career so i don't know have he ever talked about the movies he made with Santiago, circa '86-'88, after he got his break in Hollywood. Any interviews online? Anyone?

Another solid Vietnam war actioner from Santiago with lots of exploding huts, exploding soldiers and whatnot. Check it out.


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