Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nine Deaths of the Ninja (1985)

Kosugi and Huff plays couple of bad ass agents in this movie. They are trained combat machines who will take down all the bad guys who are standing in their way...shit i got carried away, move on. Here is the plot: Terrorist kidnap group of people traveling by bus and threatens to kill them if one of their terrorist brothers is not released. Of course Kosugi and Huff are signed to this case.

Oh man... Lots of jaw-droppers in this movie. Fighting midgets, terrorist boss who has lots of nazi vibes going on and his sidekick, a lesbian amazon. Throw in couple of ninjas and explosions and there you have it: 9 Death of the Ninja!

Action scenes are ok and there is good amount of them. Mr. Huff delivers the goods as always and he is given plenty of screen time. To me it seems that Kosugi's acting is just too "serious" at the times. But maybe it's one of the factors that makes this movie so over the top.

Directed by Emmett Alston (New Year's Evil)


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