Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Specialisti, Gli (1969)

Gunslinger Hud (Johnny Hallyday) returns home to seek revenge for this brother's death. Town people have lynched Hud's brother because they think he was involved in robbery. The money from that robbery is still missing.

Directed by Sergio Corbucci, he does a pretty good job. Although Corbucci was totally fed up with westerns at this point (Alex Cox speaks about this in his great book "10 000 ways to die", if you are interested in spaghetti westerns get that book!) i think this was pretty good movie. Johnny Hallyday gives a solid performance as vengeance driven gunslinger.

One of the best (or maybe just weird) scenes in the movie is when bunch of hippies(were there hippies in the wild west?) take over the town and tell everyone to strip naked and hand over their money. So there are about 30 extras lying butt naked in the old western town street at the final scene.

All in all, good western from Corbucci.


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