Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Gladiators (I guerrieri dell'anno 2072 , 1984)

Lucio Fulci's cheaper than cheap post apocalyptic gladiator movie. Plot is pretty simple: Network television wants to give people good old times Roman style gladiator entertainment, "win you live, lose you die" is the motto. They get couple of convicted criminals to be the gladiators and start to train them.

Movie is a strange mixture of PA/Blade Runner/2001: Space Odyssey (computer that turns from good to bad...). Sad to say but one could easily skip the first hour of the movie (basically Gladiators repairing for the event) and go straight into the gladiator tournament part. That is the shit! Gladiators racing in the arena on the motorcycles, wielding their swords and spears like in the ancient times... That sequence is very well executed and basically saves the movie from being a big disappointment. Oh yeah, good ol' Fred Williamson from the Black Cobra series is one of the gladiators. Do i even need to tell you that he is the man. Once again.

Comes recommended although you might wanna use the fast-forward button in some parts of the movie.


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