Friday, November 25, 2011

Raiders of the Sun (1992)

Set in the world after the final nuclear war. There are only few survivors and world has fallen into chaos. This time the most valuable thing is gunpowder. Alliance called Alpha-Group tries to get the world back on the track by providing some kind of law and order. But there is a traitor (Richard Norton) among them  who has left the Alpha-Group and has formed his own vigilante posse.

Story focus on the soldier called Talbot (Blake Boyd) who has been honorably discharged from the Alpha-Group. He returns to his home village only to find out that it has been destroyed and his wife has been kidnapped by the vigilante posse. Talbot infiltrate the posse in order to get his revenge and his wife back.

Good post apocalyptic movie from the maestro Santiago. Lots of action and this time they did go all the way with the explosions. There is lots of them, i tell you. Post apocalyptic soldiers wear this time old American football gear, helmets and shoulder pats painted black. But hey, that's ok. It's the world after the nuclear holocaust so you have wear what you can...

Santiago regular Nick Nicholson has one of the biggest roles i have seen him in as the sidekick of the Vigilante group's captain.

Good fun, give it a spin.


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